A detailed history of your main complaint will be taken along with any relevant medical information. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes etc should be notified on your first visit together with any medications or other treatments you may be receiving. A list of these would be very helpful.

We will discuss your medical, family and emotional history as deeply as you feel comfortable, but please do not feel obliged to reveal anything which you find particularly distressing.

I will also undertake a simple ‘physical examination’, which will involve, looking at your tongue, feeling your pulses, taking your blood pressure and feeling certain acupuncture points on your chest and abdomen that can help me make a diagnosis.

Your first treatment

Please wear loose clothing with legs and sleeves that are easy to roll-up out of the way. You need to be prepared to remove items of clothing as required, but be assured that I’m always mindful of patient modesty and comfort at all times.

To benefit most from treatment, please ensure that you have eaten a light meal beforehand, and refrain from any strenuous activities for a few hours. No alcohol should be taken before or after treatment.


Tel: 07740 355377

Leigh Brown